Technically Assisted Projects

Technically Assisted Projects

Since 2003, the Morris Foundation has served over 3500 students with Learning Disorders (LDs) in Pune schools. In recent years, we have expanded our focus to train over 1000 teachers to work with children with LDs.

We are now supporting carefully selected schools in establishing their remediation centres. We train their teachers and provide technical support anticipating that, following a three-year collaborative period, the schools will run their remediation centres independently.

Existing Projects

Remediation Centre, Disha School, Ichalkaranji.

Disha school was established in 2010 for the slow learners and students with learning disabilities. In this special school the students are taught to learn basic skill in reading, writing, and mathematics through psychological way. Instead of traditional classroom teaching, Disha insists on teaching with the pace of student.
Disha provides the students another parental home while they learn with the help of various specialists and make revolutionary progress.

Remediation Centre, Umang Learning Centre, Panvel.

Dr. Neelima Bhandarkar, a practising pediatrician in Panvel had come across many children facing difficulties in studies who had no help and guidance. She took an initiative to establish Umang learning centre in collaboration with the AMF.The AMF is providing technical know-how to the teachers and volunteers at the centre since February 2015.

Remediation Centre, Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao School, Pune.

The AMF is providing technical know-how to the teachers and volunteers at the Primary, Secondary and Aundh section of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao school since 2015.

The school provides student centric education and believes in all round development of students. The schools are run by the Kaveri Group of Institutes, Pune founded in 1963.

Remediation Centre, Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala School, Nagar Road, Pune.

The Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala school aims for an atmosphere of cooperation, with respect for individual differences and community values. The schools is committed towards developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled,interdependent, socially responsible adults.

The AMF is helping the school to develop their independent remedial centre since June 2016 by providing technical guidance to the teachers and volunteers at the school.

Remediation Centre, Roopkatha Foundation, West Bengal.

The Roopkatha Foundation emerged in 2012 with the aim of helping ‘differently abled’ children of the impoverished rural parents – agricultural workers and small farmers.
Roopkatha Foundation is working in the village of Kaikala near Tarakeswar in Haripal Block of Hooghly district of West Bengal, India since April 2013. Here Roopkatha is running a resource center for underprivileged and special needs children, where Roopkatha volunteers work to give the stimulation in all aspect of development to these children that are otherwise hard to get in their homes or schools.

Previous Projects

Remediation Centre, Priyadarshani School, Bhosari.

The Morris Foundation trained and provided technical support to a core group of teachers at the Priyadarshani Schools’ own remediation centre from Dec 2013 to Nov 2016.

Remediation Centre, Sindphana Public School, Majalgaon.

Sindphana Public School (SPS) is a residential and day school with 700 students. Their commitment to providing specialised support for their students with learning disabilities led them to the Morris Foundation. We completed three years of training a core group of their teachers and provided technical support to set up its own remediation centre.